Available HPC Resources

NOTE: not all resources mentioned below are addressable by jobs. We reserve some of the resources for example for the OS, file system management, etc. See Nodes and Partitions as well as Quality of Service levels for commands to determine the maximum amount of resources you can request for your jobs.

UMCG/LifeLines research cluster Calculon

  • For research staff and students only.
Cluster TMP File Systems PRM File Systems Nodes RAM per node Cores per node Local scratch space on nodes
Calculon tmp04 prm02 10 256 GB 48 AMD cores 3.5 TB

RUG research cluster Peregrine

  • Optional access for UMCG researchers based on their account for the UMCG/LifeLines research cluster: must be requested explicitly.
  • For research staff and students only, but check to make sure you are allowed to store your data on this cluster.
  • In total 175 nodes of various types with 4368 cores total.

Various types of nodes:

  • Most common type has Intel CPUs, 24 cores, 128 GB RAM and 1.0 TB local scratch space.
  • Some nodes have more cores, more RAM or accelerator cards (GPUs, Xeon Phis, etc.)
  • Details are documented on the Peregrine Wiki

Hence this cluster is much larger than the UMCG/LifeLines clusters, but you also share the resources with a larger amount of users. Centrally installed software available as module on one cluster can be deployed on another on request. The shared storage on clusters is separate: if you want to access your data on more than one cluster you'll have to copy from one cluster to the other.

Genome Diagnostics clusters Zinc-Finger and Leucine-Zipper

  • For genome diagnostics staff only. (No research.)
  • Two clusters of each 3 nodes with 72 cores total.
  • Nodes with Intel CPUs, 24 cores, 256 GB RAM and 1.8 TB local scratch space
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