We regularly organize HPC cluster courses in collaboration with the RUG CIT. Courses are not scheduled in fixed intervals, but based on demand: send us an email if you are interested in the next edition.

HPC beginners courses

  • Half day course usually scheduled in the afternoon 13:00 - 17:00.
  • Target Audience: Anyone who needs more computing power than their personal laptop can provide.
  • Course is free of charge, but registration is required as seats are limited and accounts need to be arranged in time.

The UMCG HPC beginners course will cover:

  • Linux basics
  • Compute clusters
  • Using the SLURM job scheduler
  • Differences between the Peregrine cluster (RUG research), the Calculon cluster (UMCG/LifeLines Research) and the Zinc-Finger & Leucine-Zipper clusters (Genome Diagnostics).
  • Best practices on the Calculon, Zinc-Finger and Leucine-Zipper clusters.

This course is similar to the RUG HPC beginners course from the RUG Center for Information Technology except that:

  • it will cover the details of the Calculon, Zinc-Finger and Leucine-Zipper clusters and that
  • it will be hosted on site @ the UMCG.

Course material (slides + exercises) is available on the Peregrine Wiki

The next HPC beginners course in the UMCG flavor hosted @ UMCG is scheduled for:

Not yet scheduled; will be scheduled on demand: contact the UMCG HPC helpdesk

The next HPC beginners course in the RUG flavor hosted @ RUG is scheduled for: RUG Peregrine HPC cluster beginners course schedule


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