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The system to store, retrieve and manage all information around animal research.

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What is AnimalDB?

In general the AnimalDB project aims at developing a system which can be used to store, retrieve and manage all information necessary for and gathered in biological and or biomedical animal research.

AnimalDB is based on Molgenis a free, model-driven software platform for the generation of web applications and is implemented using the ''Phenoflow'' datamodel specifications.

Why AnimalDB?

Biomedical research involving animals is a complex enterprise. AnimalDB aims to support reasearchers and reasearch assisants, such as biotechnicians and animal caretakers, in administering and carrying out their daily tasks in biomedical animal research. Furthermore it aims to be able to automatize the generation of reports and statistics based on the data administered by its users, ultimately resulting in higher quality of the statistics and reports and less administrative load for researchers.

AnimalDB is at this stage primarily developed for biomedical researchers at the Faculty of Mathemics and Natural Sciences (FMNS) of the University of Groningen.

Who are behind AnimalDB?

AnimalDB is created by several People.

AnimalDB development is funded by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Groningen,
and supported by the Genomics Coordination Center.

Try AnimalDB

You can visit our demo web application (login with user: demo, password: demo), if you want to try AnimalDB.
(or if you want to see a working implementation of the the ''Observ-OM'' datamodel).

You can find the AnimalDB source code in the molgenis_apps project, in the Molgenis SVN repository.

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