MOLGENIS moved to github

We are delighted to report that all code of MOLGENIS is now in GitHub?. See For those not yet up to speed with github we prepared two tutorials: [ ...

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xQTL workbench paper published

See QTL workbench is a scalable web platform for the mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) at multiple levels: for example gene expression (eQTL), protein abundance (pQTL), metabolite ab ...

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MOLGENIS at BOSC and ISMB 2010, Boston July 9-13

You can see us at BOSC2010 SIG on Saturday July 10, 14.40 - 15.00 hours, speak to us at posters Q01, E19, E15, P05 on Sunday, July 11: 12.40 - 14.30 and see us at the ISMB technology track, Tuesday, July 13: 12.15 - 12.40.


MOLGENIS was at BOSC/DAM meeting and coffee-break demos at the NBIC booth. See BOSC 2009 schedule

xQTL workbench - Manual

For xQTL mapping in plants, animals and humans including:

  • seamless data management for genotypes, molecular data and phenotypes
  • analytical pipelines and tools and
  • high throughput cluster computing

Try the online xQTL workbench demo
Download xQTL workbench unzip, run.bat or to start. Read more.

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