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Observ-OM data model published

Observ-OM and Observ-TAB, the Universal syntax solutions for the integration, search, and exchange of phenotype and genotype information, is published in Human Mutation. Genetic and epidemiological resear ...

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CHD7 mutation database published

We are proud with another MOLGENIS for the CHARGE syndrome using Observ-OM published in Human Mutation. CHD7 is a member of the chromodomain helicase DNA- ...

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The simple system to format and exchange observation data.


Observ-OM is a model capture 'any' phenotype observation lead by EU-GEN2PHEN. Our mission mission: store individual and summary level observations in a uniform way to enable harmonization and interoperability of phenotypic and genotypic data across human genetics, model organisms and biobanks. Next to the object model we have an tabular exchange format Observ-TAB and user interfaces, search wizard, ontology links and Excel import/export.

Status: data model finished and in process of publication for community review.


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