Data Archiver usage

The Data Archiver plugin of XGAP allows batch import/export of whole investigations within a zipfile. The contents of this zipfile is in XgapFormat?, see the XgapFormatTutorial.

Note that currently only tar.gz is supported. Support of the ZIP format will follow soon.

Export data to zipfile

  1. Select whether you wish to export all investigations into a single archive, or select a single investigation.
  2. At the "XGAP Archive Export" tab, click "Export" to start the export process.

  1. When done, a link to the download appears at "XGAP data export (*.tar.gz format)".

Import data from zipfile

  1. Select a *.tar.gz exported database (Archiver format).

  1. Click 'Import' and await the message that tells you if the importation was successful.

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