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Droparcon - the Drosophila Parasitoids Consortium

Drosophila parasitoids are important model species for ecological and evolutionary research, which will benefit from the availability of good quality genomic data. The Drosophila Parasitoids Consortium (Droparcon) aims to sequence, assemble, annotate and analyse the genomes of Drosophila parasitoids. By coordinating the on-going Drosophila parasitoid genome sequencing efforts, Droparcon will be able to move the field a step forward. Our focus is currently on Leptopilina and Asobara, two of the most researched Drosophila parasitoid genera.

Research Groups

Droparcon is a collaboration between:

Droparcon is funded by generous support from NWO, NGI, CNRS and a Van Gogh grant for French-Dutch collaboration to Fabrice Vavre and Bart Pannebakker.


Steering group:


  • Adil El Filali • LBBE
  • Ammerins de Haan • RUG
  • Anastasia Gardiner • LBBE
  • David Monnin • LBBE
  • Elzemiek Geuverink • RUG
  • Eveline Verhulst • RUG
  • Natacha Kremer • LBBE
  • Pieter Neerincx • UMCG
  • Tanja Schwander • UL
  • Vicencio Oostra • WUR
  • Wen-Juan Ma • RUG
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