How to install XGAP locally

Step 1: Install and configure required software

XGAP is based on MOLGENIS which is known to run happily on Windows, Linux and Mac. We here assume the procedure for the windows installation; for other operating system distributions we refer to respective documentations. To get started, download and install the most recent:

Step 2: Configure XGAP mysql database

Open mysql commandline client and:

  • Create a database named 'xgap_1_2_distro'`
    create database xgap_1_2_distro;
  • Allow molgenis (engine of XGAP) to read and write to this database as user 'molgenis'`
    grant all privileges on xgap_1_2_distro.* to 'molgenis'@'localhost' identified by 'molgenis'; 
    flush privileges;
  • Select the database you just created.
    use xgap_1_2_distro;
  • Copy-paste the contents of xgap_create_tables.sql in the mysql prompt to create the database. Alternatively, use command:
    source /path/to/xgap_create_tables.sql

Step 3: Run XGAP software on web server

  • If not already started (as in windows) start Tomcat using the proper startup SH or BAT script
  • Visit your local Tomcat Manager at
  • At "WAR file to deploy", select the XGAP_1_2_distro.war file and click "Deploy"

You can now use your XGAP at http://localhost:8080/xgap_1_2_distro/

Ideas for alternative distributions

Although quite straightforward, install of a local XGAP is still quite a hassle. Suggested alternative distributions include:

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